The Intentional Reach Difference

If you simply need a transcript that's sort of accurate and kind of says what you meant to say, there are plenty of general transcription companies online that can help you. They're cheap, fast, and a dime a dozen. But if you need a transcript you can be proud of, that communicates your message clearly and accurately and effectively, then choose the Intentional Reach transcription team. We can't wait to help you!

Here are a few of the things we do to go the extra mile for you:

  1. Look up Bible verses to ensure the correct chapter and verse are used
  2. Look up the correct spelling of Hebrew and Greek words in Strong's Concordance
  3. Leave out the uh's and um's, laughs and coughs, and comments like, "Hey Bill, I don't think my microphone is on..."
  4. Delete crutch words and phrases like Andy Stanley's infamous "Listen, listen..."
  5. Correct grammar
  6. Recast sentences so they read more smoothly
  7. Keep paragraphs short and consistent so they're easier to read
  8. Follow the style guidelines in The Christian Writer's Manual of Style
  9. Number and italicize main points
  10. Format direct Bible verses in bold, italics, and/or color (Classic and Signature)