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We Provide Transcription Services That Meet the Specific Needs of Christian Leaders

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3 Easy Steps

1. Introduce Yourself

Tell us a little about how you're reaching your audience now so we can recommend the best transcription plan.

2. Custom Transcript

With your input, we'll design a transcript template so all of your transcripts reflect your brand and style.


3. Send, Share, Reach

We'll send your transcripts to you through email or Dropbox so you can immediately share them with others.

Ginger and her team are quick, precise, easy to work with, and have served us with excellence for years.

There’s no one I’d recommend more highly.
— Michael Hyatt, New York Times Best Seller
Michael Hyatt

Intentional Reach is a good choice for you if...

You have NAGGING DOUBTS you're doing all you can to reach your online community with your message.

You're FRUSTRATED because you know you need transcripts, but you don't have the time, skill, or desire to edit them.


You're EXCITED about repurposing your sermons, podcasts, webinars, etc. into blog posts, small group studies, e-books, and more.

You NEED a reliable, convenient, hassle-free, start-to-finish transcription process.

Intentional Reach has helped The Village Church reach an even greater number of people with the message of the gospel through our sermon transcripts.

They are faithful and excellent in all the work they do.
— Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor, The Village Church, TX

Are You Reaching Enough People With Your Message?

Many Christian leaders worry they aren't doing all they can to reach people with their message. And when they do get their message to people, they wonder things like:

"Is my message clear? Is it accurate? Is it easy to understand? Am I communicating in a way that's effective?"

At Intentional Reach, we understand the importance of your concerns and have helped hundreds of Christian leaders just like you deliver their messages to their online audience in the form of accurate, easy-to-read, printable transcripts.

We will help you reach three times as many people by transcribing your audio/video into text format so you can post them on your website and use them as the basis of blog posts, newsletters, Bible studies, online courses, local outreach, and more.

Using our unique transcription process, we'll ensure your message is communicated in an effective way and that your transcripts are clear, accurate, and look professional.

Want to turn your sermon series into a book?

Get our free PDF 3 Steps to Turn Sermons into Books now.


How Much Do Professional transcripts Cost?

There is no cost for our initial quote. Just answer the handful of questions on the form below, and we'll send you a transcription plan that we believe will meet your specific needs.

We'll also send you some samples of formatting so you can see firsthand how our unique transcription process can benefit you (and your audience) the most.

Ready to get started? Great! We can't wait to help you. :-)


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