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You have NAGGING DOUBTS you're doing all you can to reach your online community with your message.

You're FRUSTRATED because you know you need transcripts, but you don't have the time, skill, or desire to edit them.

You're EXCITED about repurposing your sermons, podcasts, webinars, etc. into blog posts, small group studies, e-books, and more.

You NEED a reliable, convenient, hassle-free, start-to-finish transcription process.


"serving thousands of people every day means we need a transcription service we can count on. I cannot overstate how much I value Ginger’s reliability."

Jack Hoey III, Resource Director at Seacoast Church


1. Introduce Yourself

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With your input, we'll design a transcript template so all of your transcripts reflect your brand and style.

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We'll send your transcripts to you through email or Dropbox so you can immediately share them with others.

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Providing transcripts elevates our content. Our customers love having the flexibility to watch, listen, or read. If you haven’t already considered broadening the reach of your content with transcripts, you should. And if you do, you should definitely work with Ginger and her team. They are quick, precise, easy to work with, and have served us with excellence for years.

There’s no one I’d recommend more highly.
— Michael Hyatt, New York Times Bestselling Author

Does Quality Matter?

Take a look at this side-by-side comparison done for Michael Hyatt.

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Why Transcribe?

Are you concerned about not reaching enough people online with your message? Does it bother you that Christian principles are being drowned out by so many secular messages on the Internet?

We understand.

Do you want to know why a lot of people prefer transcripts over audio or video?

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Intentional Reach has helped The Village Church reach an even greater amount of people with the message of the gospel through our sermon transcripts.

They are faithful and excellent in all the work they do.
— Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor, The Village Church, TX


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Limited Time Bonus

Do you have years of backlogged audio/video files that are collecting dust? Turn your online archive or old cassettes, CDs, or DVDs into online-ready transcripts and repurpose them into blog posts, e-books, small group studies, and more.

Sign up for weekly service today, and as an added bonus, we'll not only give you the 10% discount for weekly service, but you'll also receive an extra 5% discount on all your old files.


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