Join the team!

Do you have the skills necessary to be a sermon transcriptionist or proofreader?

Three things to keep in mind before you apply:

1. Since the turnaround time for most of our work is 48+ hours, it is much more important to have strong grammar, spelling, punctuation, proofreading, and Internet research skills than to type quickly. It's convenient for you if you're a fast typist, but the most important thing to me is that you can do this job accurately.

2. It is not necessary to be a Christian to work for Intentional Reach. I hope you're a Christian, but it isn't a job requirement. I'm not looking for fast-typing Christians; I'm looking for highly qualified transcriptionists and proofreaders. If you meet the minimum requirements below, feel free to fill out the application.

3. If you are applying to work as a proofreader, you must have relevant job experience following a specific style guide, such as The Chicago Manual of Style or the AP Stylebook.

Minimum Requirements:

  • United States citizen (This is not negotiable!)
  • Computer
  • Microsoft Office Word
  • USB foot pedal
  • High-speed Internet service
  • Digital playback software such as Express Scribe or Bytescribe WavPlayer
  • Excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills (Hint: If you don't understand modifiers, dependent clauses, parenthetical elements, etc., you probably won't qualify for or enjoy this job.)
  • Excellent proofreading/editing skills
  • Excellent Internet research skills
  • Ability to stay on a tight schedule
  • Ability to take constructive criticism
  • Biblical knowledge (see below)

Biblical Knowledge

Biblical knowledge doesn't mean you went to church as a child or even that you go to church now; it means you know the Bible well enough to recognize mistakes in a sermon. For instance, if a pastor says, "Turn in your Bibles to the gospel of John, and let's begin reading in chapter 1, verse 1, 'That which was from the beginning, which we have heard...,'" do you immediately know what is wrong with that sentence? If you don't, and if you can't answer most of the following questions without getting out your Bible to find the answers, then you do not have enough biblical knowledge to work for Intentional Reach.

  1. Who threw a javelin at David?
  2. Who told her husband, "Curse God and die"?
  3. Which book of the Bible begins, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was..."?
  4. Who said, "Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you"?
  5. Where in the Bible would you find the "love chapter"?
  6. Who is known as the "weeping prophet"?
  7. What are the fruit of the Spirit?
  8. Who did Boaz marry?
  9. Who said, "I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me"?
  10. Who wrote Ecclesiastes?

Note: It is not necessary to send the answers to these questions.

Job Application

If you believe you meet the minimum requirements, please fill out the form below, and someone will contact you shortly. If we aren't hiring, we will keep your information on file.

Attention: If you have two or more capitalization, spelling, or punctuation errors anywhere on your application, you will not be considered for a proofreader position.